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How quickly are you shipping value to customersThe more time you spend getting your product to market the greater the cost of development and the more time you could spend building in the wrong direction.

| 04 July, 2018

Mid Year Review 2018A retrospective of the first 6 months of 2018 using the stop-start-continue framework.

| 30 June, 2018

Finding alignmentEven if you're a developer, building great software products is hard. Here's how I decided to focus on what I'm good at.

| 07 March, 2018

Resources to help you build better productsA curated list of the resources I’ve found most useful in shaping my approach to building better products.

| 28 February, 2018

How to create effective landing pages for testingA simple landing page can help validate that people actually want your product. Before you build anything.

| 21 February, 2018

Validating product ideas - no code required.Validating your solution concept BEFORE you build software, means you can ship earlier and learn faster. Step-by-step screencast inside.

| 16 February, 2018

Solving the right problemsSprinting in the wrong direction can be catestrophic for a product. Here's how I chose a new direction for my web app challenge based on a simple checklist.

| 12 February, 2018

Understanding customer problemsIt's easy to start by designing solutions or writing code. But the best products start with a clear understanding of customer problems.

| 22 January, 2018

My web app challenge - 3 months to $1000 in real revenueI'm challenging myself to build a web application generating $1000 in revenue in 3 months and share everything I learn.

| 11 January, 2018

What I learned in 2017I did a lot of different things in 2017 and learned from a lot of amazing people. Here’s my year in review and some goals for 2018.

| 10 January, 2018

Designing one-to-one payment experiencesCreating simple, yet powerful payment experiences for freelancers and their clients. From research to $125k in processed payments.

| 21 December, 2017

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