Mid Year Review 2018

June 30, 2018

Prior to this year I had spent a lot of time building products for independent freelancers, but very little time actually making independent income myself. The acquisition of Sail in January provided the opportunity to change that. I decided to challenge myself to build a web app and generate $1000 in revenue. Here’s my retrospective on the last 6 months.

1. What’s missing?

In the first half of 2018 I completed 5 independent projects (hitting my goal for the year) but have been directly trading my time for money. Since May I’ve been working full-time at an exciting new tech company and love it but I still have an entrepreneurial itch to scratch. I’m realizing that to be truly independent long-term I need to productize my services or build small products that provide greater decoupling between my time investment and financial return.

2. What’s not working?

As I mentioned I started working on a product back in January but working full-time and taking on the occasional consulting project leaves very little time for actually building anything. Consequently I’ve made far less progress toward launching my product, PaymentLink as I should have. Instead of being laser focused on shipping a usable product to customers I spent time exploring alternative product ideas and working on other projects.

3. What’s working?

  • I have good evidence about my ability to make money independently. I hit my independent income goal for the year in half the time and I’m getting better at selling projects where I’m high leverage and can increase the ROI on my time.
  • I found an awesome technical co-founder for PaymentLink in the MegaMaker community. We’re very aligned and will be able to move much quicker to push towards launching our product.
  • I’m really enjoying my new full-time job and it’s helping me level up my skills and work on bigger problems than I would be able to tackle independently.

4. What’s one new thing you can do to move the needle in the second half of this year?

Focus. I need to be very intentional about the time I spend on independent projects and need to better time-box my available hours each week. To achieve my goal of shipping a revenue generating product in 2018 I need to commit at least 80% of my independent time (about 15 hours a week) to building PaymentLink.

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