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Cut Scope. Don't extend deadlines.

Increase the value of your effort, skyrocket your shipping velocity, and shorten the feedback loop that drives learning with this simple trick.

Everything counts

Building a product people love requires going beyond functional features and crafting holistic experiences for our customers.

Resolving customer stories

A research driven narrative can ensure our focus remains on solving real customer problems rather than projecting our own solution bias on the features we build.

Let's define what Product/Market fit really means

Markets don’t buy products. People with specific desires and goals buy products and use them to improve their lives.

Ship today

The problem with taking weeks or even months to ship something new is opportunity cost. What can we ship today that enables an outcome our customers want?

Outcomes not outputs

If you want to help your customers be successful, there's one thing that needs to happen first: stop measuring success by internal measures of output.

Watch don't show

Instead of showing someone how to use your product, simply observe their actions and provide guidance as they need it to learn without projecting your own bias.

Supercharge your product insights with concierge onboarding

Concierge onboarding can not only guide each new user to success with your product, but also provides the feedback you need to improve how future users interact with your product.

How quickly are you shipping value to customers

The more time you spend getting your product to market the greater the cost of development and the more time you could spend building in the wrong direction.

Designing client payment experiences

What makes a great payment experience for clients? I outline the UX design process we used to inform the initial version of the Sail product.

Understanding customer problems

It's easy to start by designing solutions or writing code. But the best products start with a clear understanding of customer problems.

My web app challenge - 3 months to $1000 in real revenue

I'm challenging myself to build a web application generating $1000 in revenue in 3 months and share everything I learn.