Prototype and launch your startup idea in one week without code.

I help founders test their riskiest product assumptions, before wasting time and money building software no one uses.

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Are you confident you’re building the right product?

If not, why are you spending thousands of dollars and months of your valuable time building your MVP?

As great as your idea might be, the chances are you’ll need multiple iterations and customer feedback to find product-market fit.

How much will your MVP actually cost?

Let's face it... you’ve probably been quoted tens of thousands of dollars and a 3-month timeline to build your MVP. But the problem isn’t just the expensive price tag. The longer you wait to test your product idea with customers the greater the opportunity cost of building the wrong thing as well.

The real cost of building expensive software before testing your idea with real customers is equal to:

The time and materials expense of building the wrong thing.


The chances, advantages, or momentum you lose by not building the right thing.

Imagine if you could prototype your idea without code and get real customer feedback in days not months. You could save thousands of dollars, weeks of your valuable time AND have confidence you're building a product your customers want to buy.

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"Stuart created a visual experience for a product that was still in the conceptual stage, so I could encounter any unexpected implementation issues and have something tangible to demo to customers. He delivered a rapid prototype that was great for idea validation."
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Bob Moore
CEO, Crossbeam

What if you could launch and test your MVP with real customers this week?

Validate your riskiest product assumptions, raise capital, get your first customers, or increase adoption of an existing product with a clear process for researching, designing and testing without wasting money building a product no one uses (like 90% of people I talk to).

You need a clear process to quickly prototype and test your ideas.

What if I can guide your team through a proven prototyping process so you can save months of USELESS iterations?

You could short circuit the learning loop and make rapid progress to:

  • Quickly prototype your idea
  • Get feedback from customers
  • Prioritize the right next steps for growth

You’ll be armed with a clear process for quickly testing your idea without spending money building a product no one uses (like 90% of people I talk to).

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Hey 👋 I’m Stuart Balcombe a product designer, and no-code nerd who's spent the past 5 years helping early-stage startups understand their customers and ship value faster.

Want to learn more? Schedule a free strategy session below and I'll help you identify your riskiest assumptions and create a plan to test them without code.
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"There are very few people I know in the industry that have the unique combination of skills, research-focused product knowledge mixed with the ability to execute on UI/UX."
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Ben Kochavy
Founder, ColdBru Digital