Onboarding Field Guide
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The onboarding field guide will teach you how to guide new customers from signup to success.

The guide is not intended to be a series of silver bullet growth hacks (I don’t believe they exist) but instead is focused on, long-term strategies that you can use to grow your business sustainably.

This guide is an ongoing project that represents the synthesis of everything I've learned researching and implementing onboarding.

  • - Why improve onboarding
  • - Understanding customers
  • - Measuring onboarding
  • - Landing pages
  • - Onboarding UI patterns
  • - Email campaigns
  • - Concierge onboarding
  • - Personalization
  • - Resource Library

Why I'm writing this guide

I started my career as a "growth hacker" but in 2016 I attended a talk that changed my perspective on where growth really comes from. At the Boston leg of Intercom's World Tour, then Director of Growth Ben McRedmond shared his discomfort with the typical definition of growth. The notion that growth should be a function of helping customers make progress in their lives instantly resonated with me.

To me, onboarding is simply the process of ensuring people are successful by using a product. It's about the customer not your product.

In reality though, onboarding is not as simple as one single feature or customer action. It’s the holistic experience that ensures as many customers as possible achieve their goals by using your product.

Over the past 4 years I've led both growth and product teams at growing startups and have spent hours designing and optimized onboarding experiences for numerous B2B SaaS companies. My goal is to make this a comprehensive guide for SaaS companies trying to grow revenue sustainably without spending more money on acquisition.

If there’s something you’d love to see covered in the guide, please send an email and let me know: stuart [at] stuartbalcombe.com. You can also have me help you with your own onboarding here.

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